Kleeneze® KL072276EU 6-Piece Marvellous Mesh Sponges on a Clip Strip for Washing Up and Household Cleaning | Washable & Reusable



Durable, non-scratch and super absorbent, these Kleeneze Marvellous Mesh Sponges are the ideal way to clean your dishes and home surfaces. The hard-wearing design is perfect for everyday cleaning, and allows you to achieve a streak-free finish. Designed with general cleaning in mind, the sponges are non-scratch, making them a great tool to scrub pans and ceramics without damaging the surface. The sponges are not limited to use in the kitchen – try them on enamel sinks, mirrors and bathroom tiles.

  • Take the effort out of everyday cleaning with these Kleeneze Marvellous Mesh Sponges, a brilliant way to cut through grease and grime.
  • Made from durable materials and super absorbent, the sponges have been designed to leave a streak-free finish after use.
  • Strong and with a mesh style exterior, the sponges are non-scratch which makes them ideal for cleaning pans, ceramics and glassware.
  • The sponges measure approximately 14 x 9 x 3 cm, so they can fit snugly in your hand for added control when cleaning pots or surfaces.
  • These sponges will withstand the demands of a family kitchen, but are also well suited to cleaning bathrooms, worktops and various dishes.
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